Upcoming Events

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Weekly Updates

1. Weekly Prayer Meeting
All church members are invited to join the weekly prayer meeting on Wednesday, 12.08.2015, 8:00PM at the church.
Worship Leader : Sis. Lungan Wan
Prayer Focus Coordinator : Dcn. Fabian Sigar


2. CDP Fundraising Dinner 2015
We wish to thank everyone (the committees, contributors, performers, the RELA) on their contribution of time, thoughts, and energy to ensure the success of the CDP Fundraising Dinner on 08.08.2015. God bless you.

3. NECF 40-Day Fast and Prayer (7 Aug – 15 Sep 2015) – “Abide In Me” – John 15:4
All church members are encouraged to buy this book at the price of RM3.00 per copy, obtainable from the church staff at the helpdesk.


4. BEM (SIB) Olive Garden Church Membership

4.1 Update of Latest Name List of Members
The process of updating the church membership list is still ongoing. All church members in the name list on the notice board at the back of the church are kindly requested to provide some information such as their address and telephone numbers.

4.2 Update Form
This form is for those church members who wish to update the church other details such as additional members in their family.