Upcoming Events

Date: 21.12.2014 (Sunday)
Time: 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Venue: Kota Sentosa Town Square

01 – 19 December 2014


Weekly Updates

1.  Weekly Prayer Meeting
All church members are invited to join the weekly prayer meeting on Wednesday, 10.12.2014,    8:00 pm in the church.
Worship Leader    : Dcn. Francis Liu
Prayer Focus Co-ordinator : Dcns. Ennis Gabar

2.  Church Leaders Meeting
Date    :    16.12.2014 (Tuesday)
Time    :    8:00 pm
Venue    :     Meeting room, 1st floor, BEM (SIB) Olive Garden

3. Christmas Open House 2014
Date    :    21.12.2014 (Sunday)
Time    :    4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Venue    :     Kota Sentosa Town Square
All church members are encouraged to bring food to be served to the guests at the event. Please refer to your group at the church notice board.

4. Practices for Christmas Open House 2014
Groups such as Children and Teenagers, Ladies’, Men’s, Young People, BEM Kpg. Bengoh and Christ Baptist Church will present their performances at this event. Therefore, these groups are requested to come for practice at the church hall, 2nd floor on the following dates and times: 7 Dec (1pm); 14 Dec (1pm) and 20 Dec (4pm).

5. Christmas Carolling
We will be organizing house-to-house Christmas caroling from 1-19 Dec 2014. Church members who wish to be visited by the carolers are requested to inform of their chosen date and time for such visit on the paper provided at the notice board. For further information, kindly contact the coordinator, Dcn. Nosim Apat.

6. Olive Newsletter 2014 Issue
Heads of ministries & church members are invited to submit articles to:
•    Bro. John Sabang – j.sbg.137@gmail.com
•    Bro. Robert Stephen  – olive.garden@sibog.org

7. ACS Combined Christmas Service
Date    :    18.12.2014 (Thursday)
Time    :    7:30 pm
Venue    :     CEWC, ACS building, Jalan Stampin, Kuching
All church members are cordially invited to attend this service.